Different Types of Hair Extensions

Changing up the hair on your head to a lengthier, fuller, more voluminous style is fun, and another of the finest (most non-committal) ways to achieve a significant hair makeover is through experimenting with extensions. With the vast quantity of hair extension types available, it could be hard to find out which would be best for your needs. The kind of hair extension that is better for you personally depends on your style of hair along with your overall preferences. Here is helpful tips on the various kinds of hair extension solutions to pick from.


BELLAMI Hair Clip-in extensions are produced with the highest quality, 100% Remy human hair. For sale in the widest number of colors, length and weight, they blend naturally with your hair and that can be easily styled with thermal tools. Clip-in hair extensions are an ideal temporary hair extension method, that can be easily applied and removed. These are the safest and quickest system to obtain longer, thicker hair minus the commitment of permanent extensions.

Application & Aftercare

Clip-in hair extensions are effortless adequate  to install yourself in the home. With regards to  the wide range  of wefts contained in your BELLAMI hair extensions as well as  your desired tresses depth, clip-in locks extensions  take lower than 10  minutes to utilize and need  no heat, glue or chemicals. (Pro tip: we recommend gently teasing the beds base of your hair before installation for the strongest hold.)

Volume Wefts

BELLAMI Volume Wefts tresses extensions tend to be well suited  for coarse, curly or thicker hair. No tape, glue or heat needed  for this look that is volume-enhancing they’re sewn in  the hair. BELLAMI amount Wefts allows for fullness but with improved wear and comfort. This weft that is patented offers  a thinner, gentler and  more flexible weft that lays flatter into the head without losing amount.


Application & Aftercare

BELLAMI accredited stylists apply Volume Sew-in Wefts using  a BELLAMI looping tool, BELLAMI beads, a BELLAMI micro-beaded threader, a spool of nylon-based bond as well as  a curved sewing needle. Set up by option method of beads or braids to produce  a base that is secure. The applying itself takes 3-6 hours. With proper upkeep, your volume weft will last 6-12 months.


Given that name suggests, tape-in extensions adhere to the locks’s root making use of medical-grade tape and are usually 1.5 ins large. Exactly What results is an instant, almost unbreakable relationship which means there is no way that tresses is certainly going everywhere. This technique is 100%  natural and requires no tools or chemicals for the installation process.


Application & Aftercare

Tape-ins brought the typical time for getting extensions down from several hours to as low as 30 minutes. Applying tape-ins too close to  the head can make removal hard and might cause harm given that additional the bond is through  the root, which is  why they need to continually be put in from  a licensed expert. Tape-in extensions allow for simple elimination, the ability  to reuse hair, and also the power  to optimize placement options providing your client an even  more  natural, clean appearance. Tape-ins are considered semi extensions that are permanent can  last around 4-8 months before the need  to be changed or re-applied.


I-Tip extensions are made of a few hair strands glued together in  the tip. They’re a type  of tresses expansion that latches onto normal locks using microbeads that are flattened material cylinders. I-Tips certainly are a option that is great they feature easy  access to your head. Your entire hair that is natural will left out, unlike with sew-in weaves, where the majority of natural locks is braided down under the extensions. This converts to a shorter  time inside  a stylist’s chair.


Application & Aftercare

Your I-Tip installation will last six or eight months, whilst  the tresses itself lasts only a little more than  a 12 months. We recommend a visit into the beauty salon every four to six-weeks so your cylinders may be opened and shedding or hair that is dead be removed. As soon as all of  the dirt is cleared, your stylist will slide the cylinder straight back up and secure it over  new development.


BELLAMI Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions tend to be installed utilizing  a  heating factor which safely melts the Keratin Tips onto  your locks. This Keratin Tip is partly made from the exact same naturally occurring protein present the hair on your head. a silicone polymer additive regarding  the K-tip helps produce  a defensive finish for your natural hair strands. The K-tips tend to be bonded close to  the origins of this locks, your BELLAMI qualified stylist will guarantee there is enough room to allow no-cost action of your hair which keeps an all natural layered texture and feel to your hair.


Application & Aftercare The program time for pre-bonded extensions usually takes between 2-4 hours for a full-head. It is important  to have your bonded extensions eliminated and repositioned every 8-12 days, according to your normal locks development. To be removed, your stylist will crush the relationship to break the keratin down, then apply a relationship removal answer to remove the extension through  the hair.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Achieve seamless size and volume using  the addition that is newest to BELLAMI Professional Extensions: Hand-Tied Wefts. Crafted with  the quality that is highest 100% Remy human being hair, these lightweight veils are hand-knotted with good bond and built  to lay near  the scalp for maximum comfort and wear ability. Stack wefts for volume, blend different shades to add measurement and on occasion even produce  a custom color for your Guest. Hand-Tied Wefts supply you with the ultimate mobility to display your art.

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