Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity

The children of the present days are mostly interested in watching TV or playing computer games. So they hardly get any physical exercise and spend most of the time inside the house. They don’t go out and enjoy in the parks or like visiting friend s and relatives. They feel happy staying at home and hence lead a lethargic life which leads to obesity. Since sitting at home and eating junk food leads to obesity and then all other diseases like diabetes, pressure, high cholesterol at a very young age. To prevent this children must be kept occupied and given timings for each task. They should be given a time to watch TV, play games. Study, go out and play etc. We should not restrict them completely from watching TV or play Video games but once we give them timing they will understand and obey us.

The parents should see that the child exerts the energy produced by eating in some sort of physical activity. Some kids have the tendency to put on weight even if they eat a little bit; it is due to genetic factor. If they have obese gene derived from their ancestors then it can’t be avoided. Obese children tend to grow into an obese adult and have the chance of getting diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke at a very young age. If the children are obese their friends and cousins tease them and sometimes they are segregated from playing saying they can’t do this that. So the child becomes a social outcast.
The obese child can be sent to martial art classes like karate where they teach them to concentrate and relax apart from physical movements of leg and hands. They can be sent to a yoga centre which also helps them to reduce their weight to a certain extent .There they will be taught about healthy eating, Eating frequently is not bad, provided they eat non fatty things like fruits and vegetables, and avoid ice creams, bakery things and deep fried food.

The obese children can be sent to summer camps for fifteen days away from home .There they will teach them some regular routine to do everyday, do some trekking , warming up exercises .etc The parents will find a change in the kids, Some kids listen to their teachers better than the parents. As they do these exercises along with other kids it gives them enthusiasm and they feel happy. They will be given good mental and body strength and they return home with high spirit. It is the parents’ duty to keep the child in the same spirit.
Although there are so many tips, techniques involved in the reduction of obesity, consultation with a physician is a must.

Measures Against Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a very common issue in this modern life style, especially in developed countries, where all kind of junk food and tinned food is very easily available.

Childhood obesity is a very common issue in this modern life style, especially in developed countries, where all kind of junk food and tinned food is very easily available. Right from the time a small baby is born, a working mother has no time (or is not able to) to breast feed the child so it is given powdered baby milk, tinned cereal and all other readymade food available in the super market. This is tasty and the baby enjoys it but parents are not aware about one of its biggest side effect:  it helps in increasing the weight of the child and thus we are on our way to raise an obese child.

Becoming a teenager, it often happens that overweight kids try to reduce their weight by shortcut methods and in extreme cases such shortcut methods can result in serious conditions like anorexia.  The most important thing is a healthy nutrition and fixed meals that are eaten by the whole family.

Another big factor of gaining weight during childhood is non-existent physical activity. Kids that have never indulged into sports or outdoor activitites are likely to gain more weight than kids who attend regular karate lessons or similar. Of course there are kids who don’t like doing sports or kids who feel that they are not good at sports and made negative experiences during school sports or similar. Parents should not force those children or teenagers into a certain sport but should try to plan outdoor activities like hiking or cycling or swimming with the whole family. Furthermore parents should introduce several kinds of activities to their child – for sure there is one activity that your kid will love. Probably it will take some patience and some trial and error but in the end it will be worth the effort. You can also start slowly in telling your kid to use the staircase instead of the elevator etc. As a mother or father you should be a role model and do the same, so your child will find it easier to follow those “rules”.

If your child suffers from childhood obesity it is important to give it nutritous food and introducing it to fruits and vegetables instead of fast food or other calorie-rich junk.

Sleep is also a necessity and helps in the process of weight loss. Children should have a proper rest for the body, so that it can digest food properly.

Different Options for Vein Treatment

Healthy veins carry blood through the extremities returning to the heart, where it becomes oxygenated, and then circulates through the human anatomy again. Sometimes, vein wall space and valves come to be weak, and therefore permits bloodstream to move backward or pool in  the vein, which in turn  causes the telltale twisted, blue veins referred to as varicose veins. Many people may think that varicose veins are only a cosmetic concern, but that’s a misconception that is big. In reality, most cases of varicose veins tend to be caused by  a problem called venous insufficiency, that could result in much more severe dilemmas if maybe not treated.

For a lot of customers, the best varicose vein treatment would have been a minimally unpleasant procedure like sclerotherapy, ablation or phlebectomy. However, insurers often require patients to use much more conventional vein that is varicose options first, before various other processes are going to be covered.

Conservative Varicose Vein Procedures

•           Compression stockings – Compression stockings provide assistance to the leg which  help to promote blood circulation that is proper.

•           Elevating legs – The pull of gravity will make it more difficult for leg veins to push blood up. Elevating the legs helps blood circulation quicker in the direction that is right can help relieve some swelling.

•           Oral medication that is anti-inflammatory swelling helps make the pain of varicose veins even more serious. Oral medication that is anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen or Aleve, can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

•           Weight loss – Added weight puts added stress on veins. Losing body weight will help decrease pressure on veins and supply some rest from vari-cose vein signs like discomfort and swelling.

•           Exercise – Regular workout has benefits that are many certainly one  of which is enhanced circulation. Even one thing as easy  as a brisk stroll 30 minutes a day will help boost feeling, circulation, and give a wide berth to heart problems.


Different Types of Hair Extensions

Changing up the hair on your head to a lengthier, fuller, more voluminous style is fun, and another of the finest (most non-committal) ways to achieve a significant hair makeover is through experimenting with extensions. With the vast quantity of hair extension types available, it could be hard to find out which would be best for your needs. The kind of hair extension that is better for you personally depends on your style of hair along with your overall preferences. Here is helpful tips on the various kinds of hair extension solutions to pick from.


BELLAMI Hair Clip-in extensions are produced with the highest quality, 100% Remy human hair. For sale in the widest number of colors, length and weight, they blend naturally with your hair and that can be easily styled with thermal tools. Clip-in hair extensions are an ideal temporary hair extension method, that can be easily applied and removed. These are the safest and quickest system to obtain longer, thicker hair minus the commitment of permanent extensions.

Application & Aftercare

Clip-in hair extensions are effortless adequate  to install yourself in the home. With regards to  the wide range  of wefts contained in your BELLAMI hair extensions as well as  your desired tresses depth, clip-in locks extensions  take lower than 10  minutes to utilize and need  no heat, glue or chemicals. (Pro tip: we recommend gently teasing the beds base of your hair before installation for the strongest hold.)

Volume Wefts

BELLAMI Volume Wefts tresses extensions tend to be well suited  for coarse, curly or thicker hair. No tape, glue or heat needed  for this look that is volume-enhancing they’re sewn in  the hair. BELLAMI amount Wefts allows for fullness but with improved wear and comfort. This weft that is patented offers  a thinner, gentler and  more flexible weft that lays flatter into the head without losing amount.


Application & Aftercare

BELLAMI accredited stylists apply Volume Sew-in Wefts using  a BELLAMI looping tool, BELLAMI beads, a BELLAMI micro-beaded threader, a spool of nylon-based bond as well as  a curved sewing needle. Set up by option method of beads or braids to produce  a base that is secure. The applying itself takes 3-6 hours. With proper upkeep, your volume weft will last 6-12 months.


Given that name suggests, tape-in extensions adhere to the locks’s root making use of medical-grade tape and are usually 1.5 ins large. Exactly What results is an instant, almost unbreakable relationship which means there is no way that tresses is certainly going everywhere. This technique is 100%  natural and requires no tools or chemicals for the installation process.


Application & Aftercare

Tape-ins brought the typical time for getting extensions down from several hours to as low as 30 minutes. Applying tape-ins too close to  the head can make removal hard and might cause harm given that additional the bond is through  the root, which is  why they need to continually be put in from  a licensed expert. Tape-in extensions allow for simple elimination, the ability  to reuse hair, and also the power  to optimize placement options providing your client an even  more  natural, clean appearance. Tape-ins are considered semi extensions that are permanent can  last around 4-8 months before the need  to be changed or re-applied.


I-Tip extensions are made of a few hair strands glued together in  the tip. They’re a type  of tresses expansion that latches onto normal locks using microbeads that are flattened material cylinders. I-Tips certainly are a option that is great they feature easy  access to your head. Your entire hair that is natural will left out, unlike with sew-in weaves, where the majority of natural locks is braided down under the extensions. This converts to a shorter  time inside  a stylist’s chair.


Application & Aftercare

Your I-Tip installation will last six or eight months, whilst  the tresses itself lasts only a little more than  a 12 months. We recommend a visit into the beauty salon every four to six-weeks so your cylinders may be opened and shedding or hair that is dead be removed. As soon as all of  the dirt is cleared, your stylist will slide the cylinder straight back up and secure it over  new development.


BELLAMI Keratin Tip (K-Tip) extensions tend to be installed utilizing  a  heating factor which safely melts the Keratin Tips onto  your locks. This Keratin Tip is partly made from the exact same naturally occurring protein present the hair on your head. a silicone polymer additive regarding  the K-tip helps produce  a defensive finish for your natural hair strands. The K-tips tend to be bonded close to  the origins of this locks, your BELLAMI qualified stylist will guarantee there is enough room to allow no-cost action of your hair which keeps an all natural layered texture and feel to your hair.


Application & Aftercare The program time for pre-bonded extensions usually takes between 2-4 hours for a full-head. It is important  to have your bonded extensions eliminated and repositioned every 8-12 days, according to your normal locks development. To be removed, your stylist will crush the relationship to break the keratin down, then apply a relationship removal answer to remove the extension through  the hair.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Achieve seamless size and volume using  the addition that is newest to BELLAMI Professional Extensions: Hand-Tied Wefts. Crafted with  the quality that is highest 100% Remy human being hair, these lightweight veils are hand-knotted with good bond and built  to lay near  the scalp for maximum comfort and wear ability. Stack wefts for volume, blend different shades to add measurement and on occasion even produce  a custom color for your Guest. Hand-Tied Wefts supply you with the ultimate mobility to display your art.

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Why You Should Try Caviar

Caviar is globally considered as diamonds come in jewelry: a top delicacy. Caviar features a sensuously rich flavor and texture this is certainly prized by discerning eaters that are most. Today House of Caviar will inform you which are the best types of Caviar to attempt, plus the best of all. They’re all offered!. First, Beluga Caviar is a winner that is undisputed. Caviar from the Beluga sturgeon, which swims in the pollution-free water regarding the Caspian Sea, is widely thought to be the best, most flavorful types of Caviar.  Unfortunately, over fishing features endangered Beluga sturgeon and Beluga Caviar can no further be imported to the United States but there’s news that is still good. You can find Beluga Hybrid, a sustainable option for the Beluga fish if you’re not giving up on trying Beluga Caviar.

Second, there’s Osetra Caviar. This is let me tell you one of the many popular types of Caviar from the Caspian Sea. Third, Kaluga Caviar, which can be also called “River Beluga” and the list continues on using  the people harvested in the U.S. Although Caviar is originally through the Caspian Sea, the over fishing and legal restrictions due to its high demand lead the sturgeons to endanger. As an effect, there was clearly a resurgence within the demand for United states Caviar and Farm Caviar.  Caviar producers in The united states are meeting the demand while simultaneously making an energy to develop much more self-sustaining production systems. So, you have to know there are two main large categories of Caviar: domestic and imported. Imported is the main one original and farmed in Europe and Domestic is the one stated in the U.S. When looking for an option that is great for, there are many aspects that distinguish the greatest ones. High quality caviar is lightly salted, prepared in the true “Malossol” manner. Caviar should never have a solid or overpowering “fishy” odor. Instead, high quality Caviar has an essence that is subtle of ocean. Also, Caviar eggs should really be distinctly separate globes, through a firm, lustrous appearance. They should pop in the lips, releasing a buttery, nutty taste that moves over the tongue. And Caviar never, ever is coloured with artificial tints.

Now you understand some principles on which types of Caviar online you should try, its categories and what to remember while looking for a good quality caviar. House of Caviar stocks that you should try and don’t want to miss with you a list of Caviar and its products!

Osetra Caviar

It really is regarded as one of the best possible Caviar on the earth alongside Beluga Caviar and Sevruga Caviar and by some it’s the best Caviar on the planet. It varies from golden to brown and mixes with pasta, poultry, and seafood. This kind of Caviar is thought to have the many incredible variety in taste, size, and color. These row range in color from fantastic to brown and therefore are recognized to combine with spaghetti, poultry, and shellfish. These are typically the types  of Osetra Caviar you can find inside  our online store:

Classic Russian Ossetra

Classic Siberian Ossetra

Crown Russian Ossetra

Imperial Russian Ossetra

Royal Amur Ossetra

Royal Siberian Ossetra

Kaluga Caviar

This type is recognized as being the world’s largest freshwater sturgeon. The texture associated with the Kaluga roe is firm and smooth with an earthy, buttery flavor as well as a mildly salty overtone. Attempt one of those two options for sale  in House Of Caviar:

Amur Kaluga

Kaluga Premium

Royal Imperial Kaluga

Paddlefish Caviar

Paddlefish Caviar is considered a relative to your Sevruga that is saucepan it’s comparable in taste, shade and dimensions to that of Caspian Sevruga Caviar. Paddlefish Caviar is wildly popular among chefs and epicureans, and is typically offered on canapes or blinis with crime feature, or even as a garnish. Get yours by pressing here!

Salmon Roe

Known as “Red Caviar” Salmon roe are basically the eggs of salmon. Salmon eggs are red-orange in color and provide a number of the  same vitamins that are healthy nutrients as taking fish animal meat. It is a great choice for those events when you’re on a low quality but still wish to impress your guests. Buying Salmon Roe by clicking this link.

Which one is your favorite so far? Remember it is possible to set some of these kinds of Caviar piled on blini or on toast points or plain bread. Some of the accompaniments you can use in the home include melted butter, minced green onions, finely chopped hard-cooked eggs, sour cream or cream fridge, and lemon wedges.

And the step that is least where buying it?  Internet makes every little thing easier and deeper to us. And therefore includes Caviar! If you purchase online, shop in a reputable source who is committed to provide high quality Caviar. And good for you! You’re in the House of Caviar. Check our store that are online and most of the services and products we have for you. Imported and Domestic Caviar and also, fish, meat, areas and gift suggestions. Come and visit us, we’ll forward be looking to see you!


When Should You Seek Treatment Plan for Your Varicose Veins

Handling varicose veins effectively requires planning and a big part of that planning means benefiting from windows of possibility. Includes everything from optimizing insurance plan to choosing the season best to treat varicose veins.

At The Secret Vein Clinic, we treat varicose veins usually and successfully, and we understand from experience that autumn and wintertime weather conditions help our clients better handle their symptoms and assist in their recoveries.

Three Reasons Why You Should Start Varicose Veins Treatment in Cooler Months

  1. Optimal Treating

Compression stockings are a definite common treatment choice for varicose veins. These stockings that are special snugly and help maintain blood flow, which could lessen the pain sensation and swelling connected with varicose veins.

Nevertheless, no one enjoys putting on compression socks throughout the warmer months. Fall and winter, having said that, is the time that is optimal feel cozy in compression stockings.

During pre- and post-operative periods, temperature and ultraviolet (UV) rays should really be avoided. During cooler temps, when the sun’s rays are further away, some of  the sun’s UV that is harmful are blocked by the atmosphere, varying by locale.

  1. Fall and Winter Often Coincide with insurance policy Cycles or Turnover

Often insurance plan begins anew in January, nevertheless when you begin your treatment into the autumn, insurance coverage frequently turns over simply in time for surgery if surgery is warranted following pre-operative treatments. Insurance coverage turnover is particularly essential when you yourself have a cap that is yearly.

Additionally, it’s quite common for insurance firms to demand that is first conservative treatment protocol, which will make treatment take that much longer. Starting your evaluation in the fall can position you for the great start in this new Year.

  1. Fall and Winter Treatment Prepares Legs for Warmer Weather

Beginning therapy within  the fall or wintertime makes your legs for summer time when you need to wear shorts once more or spend  time with family and friends during  the park or beach, feeling confident rather than worrying all  about exactly how your legs look and feel.

Varicose Veins: What You Ought To Know

In the usa, statistics show that over half of all females and about 40 per cent of men which can be 50 years and much more experience varicose veins. With respect to the level of severity, these veins are virtually unnoticeable or unsightly bluish or cords that are purple twisted and sometimes protruding.


Is Otoplasty Best for Your Child?

Every father or mother wishes the greatest for their children, having a lives without any avoidable obstacles. Otoplasty additionally also known as ear pinning is among the more plastic that is common methods picked by parents with their girls and boys, plus it may sidestep a childhood packed with teasing.

The procedure that is otoplasty simple and recovery energy try brief. Nevertheless when may be  the correct time?  Here, I give a primer throughout the process and items to contemplate if you’re considering otoplasty for the child.

What is otoplasty? Whilst it is likely to be most widely known for the treatment of “dumbo ears,” otoplasty could be a cosmetic, reconstructive, or procedure that is functional restoring other difficulties with the ears nicely. By way of example, delivery disorders or damage may need rebuilding in the ear for both look and performance that is sound-gathering. This type of operate furthermore arrives under the range of otoplasty perform.

Generally, however, the procedure that is cosmetic remove excessive cartilage to take the ears nearer to the pinnacle will be the elective surgical treatment you’ll think about being a mother or father. The benefit of youth

Building self-confidence is definitely an important part of rising and learning through childhood, also it’s conveniently affected with teasing and taunting by a child’s peers.  This is the motive that is emotional otoplasty, but is it too much too soon?

School-age might appear early in a child’s lifetime to consider cosmetic surgery since their bodies remain developing. But, the ears vary, because they’re frequently totally manufactured by the age of four, giving girls and boys the auto mechanics of hearing that they’ll hold through their own life. Considering that  the ears develop  early, doing otoplasty in  a age that is young endanger their further increases, as it might for  other human anatomy parts that don’t mature until after in daily life.

Young tissue versus old

An additional benefit of otoplasty treatments amongst the ages of four to about fourteen will be  the capacity that is molding of cartilage. Younger ears are made from tissue that’s simply most flexible than more mature ears, which prefers the result of childhood otoplasty. Even though only one ear may need pinning, both ears are usually adjusted to create a very symmetrical consequences.

Your own child’s consciousness

The timing of otoplasty Fairfax surgical treatment is generally harder because of the way the process might affect the kid. The ears are maturing across the exact same energy that a kid tries retaining lifelong thoughts. It’s feasible that the procedure alone might  be their own very first distressing memory if carried out early in lifetime. In contrast, memories of procedure might be missing together with other early youth activities.

But, age four may also be optimistic as a point of full ear canal development, and I also may recommend holding off until your youngster is five or six years of age, and most likely at  a point whenever procedure and healing will remain in their child’s storage.

Also at a point when they is able to create feedback. Some children are more resistant against teasing than others. Some might be positive concerning the concept of procedure. The decision that is final this era rests to you, the parent, so your knowledge of your own kid is a crucial part with the techniques.

Various other pros and cons

Procedure surgical a chance of difficulties and these is highly recommended, but otoplasty is a straightforward procedure sang on non-critical tissue. It’s typically carried out for an outpatient basis, so that your kid will recuperate at home.

Recovery generally consists of bandages to carry the ears down for approximately 1 week, next as much as six most days of employing daily elastic ear canal groups to keep the ears from inside the appropriate position as they recover. Antibiotics and serious pain relievers are often given post-surgery; also it’s vital why these medicines are used as prescribed. If the youngster is a hesitant pill-taker, bring this up ahead of surgery so medications are adjusted to liquids, if possible.

The outcomes of otoplasty usually provide more benefits than the downsides. It’s a procedure by way of  a really higher rate of success, and though there’s no chance to share with in case your youngsters is spared the worry of teasing, it is one decreased stress, so when mothers, which couldn’t incorporate fewer of those?



The reason Why Massage for Mothers is very important

Whether you’re a mum, mama-to-be, or hoping to conceive, therapeutic massage can be  a way that is great unwind, lower tension and even relieve  pain.

Below we have broken down maternity into three various stages, prior to, during, and after, and explained ways to utilize therapeutic massage being an help through your course from conception to motherhood.


Every woman’s conception journey is different. For some, trying for the baby can be stressful, particularly if it’s compounded aided by the various other pressures of everyday life. Lasting tension make a difference to your capability to conceive by impacting when you ovulate. It’s worth addressing your anxiety levels when you haven’t considered them however. Therapeutic Massage isn’t a proven way to improve fertility, but it surely will allow you to relax. In turn, it might assist the human body regulate and rebalance your hormones production, leading to a fall in anxiety amounts. Before reserving a therapeutic massage La Jolla, you must be sure that you aren’t however expecting because the very first trimester poses the largest quantity of risk.

If you’re unsure we recommend a Reflexology treatment if you are pregnant or not. Your therapist should be able to target area that is specific of human anatomy through massaging just your own feet which is totally safe throughout pregnancy.


Prenatal therapeutic massage happens to be practiced for large number of  years, helping mothers-to-be relieve anxiety, neck and right back pain and disrupted sleep patterns.

As your baby develops and develops you may find which you begin to experience discomfort in your back, weight-bearing joints additionally the muscles that are surrounding. Pregnancy therapeutic massage will not only help to alleviate these aches and pains, nonetheless it may also give the mama-to-be a calm, safe area to rehearse their particular deep-breathing strategies that they’ll used in labor.

This treatment is only performed by advanced therapists who understand the specific physiology of pregnant women on our platform. The therapeutic massage is completed with you lying on one side to prevent pressure that is putting the back, indicating your umbilical vein is unobstructed.


You introduced life into this globe! Exactly What a feat that is incredible.

The human body undertook the absolute most stressful but empowering knowledge, and for it must certainly be celebrated and rested. Nevertheless, being a mum indicates you’re more than most likely holding your infant in one single arm and managing the others in your life in the other. On your hip for the next couple of years too as they grow you’ll also start carrying them.

This anxiety in your musculoskeletal system often lends itself to hip, right back and shoulder pain, in addition to having a detrimental influence on your position. A deep structure massage will be the perfect choose to release stress through the targeting of pressure points in affected places. Along with  the stress on your own human anatomy, your brain additionally needs some much-needed R&R. Feeling worn out and overwhelmed is very typical, but nevertheless doesn’t indicate it must  be endured! We recommend our soothing or Urban Classic therapeutic massage to de-stress and unwind (regardless if it is only for hour after baby’s visited bed or during nap time).

Mum’s who’ve been truth be told there, done that

Mums see it all. They’ve wiped your rips, dropped you down for your first day of college, saw you graduate, and perhaps even already been indeed there when you’ve had your very own infants.

Offering her a gift card or booking her a massage yourself can be quite a way that is perfect showing her your admiration. Then a Sports or Deep Tissue massage would be perfect if she’s a sporty mum.

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Childhood Obesity Prevention Starts With Parents

If you are like most modern day parents, when you go out in public you probably notice that kids are getting fatter and fatter. It can be a tense subject, but there is no denying that the size of children has been steadily growing in recent years, and this trend has dangerous implications on these children’s health. When you consider how a child’s body works, you know that they have very fast metabolisms, burn a lot of energy, and generally have no problem maintaining a healthy weight. It takes some very bad habits for a child to become obese, yet this is growing more common as time goes on.

Why it is important for parents to set the right example

The key to childhood obesity prevention is realizing that the sole responsibility lies within the parents’ hands. It is the parents’ job to instill in their child healthy, lifelong habits. – After all, children look up to their parents, so fortunately this makes controlling weight problems that much easier. By researching and learning what you can do to teach your child healthy habits, you can help them to grow up leading a happy and normal life.

Healthy eating habits – the first step to obesity prevention

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that one of the biggest contributors to childhood obesity is diet. The food you put into your child’s body gets used up and absorbed, so if you are making sure they eat healthy and nutritious meals, their body is going to function well. – Of course, if you are feeding your children fattening slop, their body is not going to have the proper vitamins or nutrition that it so desperately needs. Obesity is the very result of improper nutrition taken to the extreme. Good nutrition for children is much more critical than for any adult, as their bodies are developing and growing. – Good food will help them to develop into a normal adult. Of course, if your child isn’t used to eating nutritious food, you must introduce it slowly, but the best way to avoid your child eating junk food is to associate healthy foods with “snacks”. Fruit is perfect for this, and by substituting more fattening foods with it, you are ensuring that they’ll grow up with a healthy sense of what they should be eating.

Avoid making food the main topic of discussion

While diet and nutrition are key factors for developing a healthy lifestyle, it is important not to focus too much on food. Although it is an important part of life and can’t be avoided, it should not be made the main topic of discussion in the family. If children are constantly reminded of their weight and what overeating can do to them, they could develop an unhealthy attitude towards food.

Get children excited about sports by getting off the couch

Children also need a healthy amount of activity and exercise in their lives. Playing video games and watching TV are completely normal parts of being a child, but allowing your kid to become so consumed with them that they never get outside is completely unhealthy and causes child obesity. Playing and running around outside are the most common ways that children get most of their exercise, and unfortunately today most children don’t seem to get outside much anymore. To help encourage your child to get up off of the couch, go outside with them! Play games with them, ride bikes! You can even teach them sports! Games like tennis, hockey, cricket soccer and basketball are all great and fun activities that can get your child moving! Playing a game of cricket with your child may not seem like very much, but you’re instilling a healthy mindset and associating “exercise” with “fun” that will follow them all throughout their adult lives!

As a parent it is your responsibility to make sure that your child grows up happy and healthy. The very worst mistake you can make is to be a poor role model, so make sure to also take a closer look at physical fitness and health in your own life, and don’t let your own busy life make you overlook the health of your child. It’s easy to think that whatever you put in your child’s mouth will be good enough for them, but this is not the case. Just by taking an active effort to find healthy foods and activities your child will enjoy, you can rest assured knowing that obesity in your child will be avoided and he or she will grow up to be healthy and happy adult.

How to reduce the weight of your obese child

A high amount of fat accumulation in the body leads to obesity. This is a growing concern for parents.

A high amount of fat accumulation in the body leads to obesity. This is a growing concern for parents. But it is the parents themselves who lead their children toward this unhealthy physical condition. Parents who allow their children to eat/drink whatever they want are the ones risking the life of their children. Obesity in children is a cause for a number of physical and emotional problems. The number of overweight/obese children/teenagers has increase more than 15% in the last few years. So how to avoid obesity? Ideally this has to start very early. Right from birth. But don’t worry. It’s never too late. You can start even now if you have not. Children can lose weight easily. Here are some very simple steps. They can be applied for kids/teenagers

• Cultivate healthy eating habits as soon as possible. Start vegetables by the age of one. By three years teach the child to eat a healthy breakfast.

• If you are keen on giving a balanced healthy diet for children throughout the day then cut it down into a number of meals and give the fat/carbohydrates during the day. You can browse the net or ask the child’s doctor about daily portions in the diet.

• Children cannot grow up without the right amount of fat. Give it in reduced quantities. Avoid fatty food like butter/cheese/oil/high amount of meat, high quantity of milk during the night.

• Always make it a habit to have an early dinner. At least three hours before. • Do not allow the children to eat in the middle of the night.

• Plan a time when the child can eat fast food. Giving it on a weekly basis or fortnightly is best. And it is also best if it is made at home. This way you can control the amount of junk intake.

• Reduce the amount of pocket money for food so that the child does not indulge in unnecessary eating.

• A very important cause for overweight kids is lack of physical activity. Parents make their children couch potatoes by allowing them to watch too much TV. The best way for a child to grow into a healthy person physically and mentally is physical activity. If you are physically active the child will follow you. Enroll the child for physical activities that he/she has an interest it.

By just following the above steps you can see a difference in your child. Believe me once the child has a routine set it is not at all difficult to tackle obesity.