How to reduce the weight of your obese child

A high amount of fat accumulation in the body leads to obesity. This is a growing concern for parents.

A high amount of fat accumulation in the body leads to obesity. This is a growing concern for parents. But it is the parents themselves who lead their children toward this unhealthy physical condition. Parents who allow their children to eat/drink whatever they want are the ones risking the life of their children. Obesity in children is a cause for a number of physical and emotional problems. The number of overweight/obese children/teenagers has increase more than 15% in the last few years. So how to avoid obesity? Ideally this has to start very early. Right from birth. But don’t worry. It’s never too late. You can start even now if you have not. Children can lose weight easily. Here are some very simple steps. They can be applied for kids/teenagers

• Cultivate healthy eating habits as soon as possible. Start vegetables by the age of one. By three years teach the child to eat a healthy breakfast.

• If you are keen on giving a balanced healthy diet for children throughout the day then cut it down into a number of meals and give the fat/carbohydrates during the day. You can browse the net or ask the child’s doctor about daily portions in the diet.

• Children cannot grow up without the right amount of fat. Give it in reduced quantities. Avoid fatty food like butter/cheese/oil/high amount of meat, high quantity of milk during the night.

• Always make it a habit to have an early dinner. At least three hours before. • Do not allow the children to eat in the middle of the night.

• Plan a time when the child can eat fast food. Giving it on a weekly basis or fortnightly is best. And it is also best if it is made at home. This way you can control the amount of junk intake.

• Reduce the amount of pocket money for food so that the child does not indulge in unnecessary eating.

• A very important cause for overweight kids is lack of physical activity. Parents make their children couch potatoes by allowing them to watch too much TV. The best way for a child to grow into a healthy person physically and mentally is physical activity. If you are physically active the child will follow you. Enroll the child for physical activities that he/she has an interest it.

By just following the above steps you can see a difference in your child. Believe me once the child has a routine set it is not at all difficult to tackle obesity.