Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity

The children of the present days are mostly interested in watching TV or playing computer games. So they hardly get any physical exercise and spend most of the time inside the house. They don’t go out and enjoy in the parks or like visiting friend s and relatives. They feel happy staying at home and hence lead a lethargic life which leads to obesity. Since sitting at home and eating junk food leads to obesity and then all other diseases like diabetes, pressure, high cholesterol at a very young age. To prevent this children must be kept occupied and given timings for each task. They should be given a time to watch TV, play games. Study, go out and play etc. We should not restrict them completely from watching TV or play Video games but once we give them timing they will understand and obey us.

The parents should see that the child exerts the energy produced by eating in some sort of physical activity. Some kids have the tendency to put on weight even if they eat a little bit; it is due to genetic factor. If they have obese gene derived from their ancestors then it can’t be avoided. Obese children tend to grow into an obese adult and have the chance of getting diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke at a very young age. If the children are obese their friends and cousins tease them and sometimes they are segregated from playing saying they can’t do this that. So the child becomes a social outcast.
The obese child can be sent to martial art classes like karate where they teach them to concentrate and relax apart from physical movements of leg and hands. They can be sent to a yoga centre which also helps them to reduce their weight to a certain extent .There they will be taught about healthy eating, Eating frequently is not bad, provided they eat non fatty things like fruits and vegetables, and avoid ice creams, bakery things and deep fried food.

The obese children can be sent to summer camps for fifteen days away from home .There they will teach them some regular routine to do everyday, do some trekking , warming up exercises .etc The parents will find a change in the kids, Some kids listen to their teachers better than the parents. As they do these exercises along with other kids it gives them enthusiasm and they feel happy. They will be given good mental and body strength and they return home with high spirit. It is the parents’ duty to keep the child in the same spirit.
Although there are so many tips, techniques involved in the reduction of obesity, consultation with a physician is a must.